Derry City Football Team Hit by Mumps: Points to A Deeper Problem

The Derry Journal has reported that several players in the Derry City football team has come down with Mumps. The team boss has said something, according to the news paper report, which indicates a deeper issue behind the outbreak.According to the quote given by the newspaper:

“It’s certainly interesting that it’s affecting our southern lads as our Derry based players appear to be okay. I’ve been told under the National Health Service players north of the border receive injections as school kids to inoculate them from such diseases, while across the border, it’s very much optional. In other words, if you want to get inoculated against certain diseases at childhood, you must pay for the injections. The 3 lads involved have not been inoculated, so we’ll have to wait and see if anyone else is affected.”

This optional, payment related dispension of vaccines is a costly and undesirable option for parents who may be pressured into not obtaining immunization for the children. These issues need to be dealt with head on!

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