Student BMJ Opens Call for Clegg Scholarships for 2016

The Student BMJ hosts one of the most sought after and competitive medical journalism scholarships for medical students, lasting for 8 weeks, called the Clegg Scholarship. This year, the call has opened and there are four positions, each with a funding of 1,200 GBP. The Student BMJ is looking for one scholar each in the following areas:

  • Medical Journalism
  • Medical Education
  • Medical Education and Social Media
  • Widening Participation in Medicine

Please visit the Student BMJ website (linked above) to get more details on these positions.

Unfortunately, these positions seem to be only open for medical students studying medicine within the European Union. This is a rather unfortunate change which deprives a vast majority of interested students the opportunity of undertaking what can be a career-determining, life-altering scholarship.

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