PHFI to Provide Research Grants for Zoonoses-Related Research

I have recently started working for the Roadmap to Control Zoonoses in India Initiative at the Public Health Foundation of India. As a part of the research capacity building aspect of the project I am currently working on, there is a push to develop intersectoral, multidisciplinary research skills in young researchers.

India is emerging as one of the global zoonotic hotspots; in addition, there is increasing worry arounf the emergence of antimicrobial resistance through inappropriate drug use across multiple sectors in the nation. All things considered, there is a real, palpable risk related to the emergent conditions. Unfortunately, these diseases, generally clubbed under the eloquent, yet unfortunate, moniker of neglected tropical diseases, tend to get lesser of policy and academic interest. In order to encourage young researchers to push for a career in research related to these issues, the PHFI/RCZI has introduced a short research support grant program, where individual topics will receive up to INR 100,000. This amount may go up or down depending on the scale and magnitude of the work proposed.

The details can be obtained from the project website, but if you are a researcher with an interest in zoonoses and emerging infectious risks, please do drop by and apply for this research support grant. If you feel hesitant because of your inexperience in this research arena, do drop in an email and we can discuss the issue!

In case you or anyone you know is interested in taking up a research topic in this challenging, yet neglected area, do pass the message one!

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