What happens when the President of the United States of America decides to publish a peer-reviewed commentary in one of the most respected medical journals of the nation? It goes viral, of course.

potus jama

potus jama 2

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potus jama 4

Anybody who follows me on Twitter knows that I am a big fan of Barack Obama, and my liking for him especially peaks after each year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner (although of late I am coming to appreciate Justin Trudeau as well!). However, he has just done something that very few politicians have ever actually done – gone ahead and put up his work for peer review, criticism and discussion. It takes a lot of confidence and faith in their ideas to actually do that.

Whether the ACA lives on and goes down as a successful intervention or not, will be revealed with time. It probably is not the best way out of the expensive healthcare quandary the US finds itself in today – that is definitely a topic that has raised many a heated debate. But as the POTUS who dared to initiate, nay, ignite a discussion on the issue, Mr. Obama deserves to take a bow.

However, JAMA has played a sleight of hand which Michael Eisen has highlighted:

potus eisen

Owing to the crushing work load this week, I have not been able to read this article. I hope to do so when I get a little breathing space this weekend!

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