and the Posterous deja vu

It is no secret that I was a big fan of Posterous, before Twitter bought it out and shuttered it. I wrote about it on this blog, and tweeted an endless litany of woes. Even now, every few weeks, I go to the Astronaut hanging out alone under the Posterous Spaces header, and shed a silent, unseen tear for a product I truly cared about. Unfortunately, I have been wary of start-ups ever since. Another start-up almost had me in a similar affair, although I did not get as deeply involved as I did with Posterous (think multiple blogs, custom CSS, domains, the whole show!). It was, the Evernote powered blogging site.

The Posterous Spaces Man
The Posterous Spaces Man

I was a power user of Evernote when I still had my iPhone, and a simple, no-frills blog, with no maintenance and running hassles, right out of my Evernote app was a major pull for me. But I had that apprehension about getting too invested in a start up, only to have my heart broken and my hopes dashed. I flirted awhile with the idea of an Evernote based blog and especially since I was snapping so many things together in the Evernote folders. However, I never did end up getting much into it, aside from blocking the Scepticemia name on the site.

Then, as I picked up using One Note, I started to use Evernote lesser and lesser. I heard whisperings of difficulties with, but never really thought much about it as I was never much of a user anyway. Both Evernote and had gone to the back of my mind and I never really thought much about it until a few days ago, when I, like 80,000 other customers, received a note of apology from Gavin. It was really interesting to see a start-up owning up to the fact that it had let its users down and was apologetic for it. The bigger surprise was in my inbox earlier today: another heartfelt blog post from Gavin at giving the August product updates, and walking us through the many difficulties a start-up app faces. It was refreshing to read such an honest admission on behalf of Gavin. It seems like the team is getting things together and is gunning for the right goals and not just getting distracted by metrics to drive investments.

They have outlined a roadmap and the tone of the post is upbeat despite the gory details of the difficult history it relates. The team also seems to have put together a roadmap for the short term to deal with the biggest problems plaguing the platform: Roadmap: August Rush! Roadmap: August Rush!

So will I be seduced into becoming a more active user on Probably not, seeing that I am more of a One Note user now and the best use of is when it is used through Evernote. I hardly use Evernote anymore, and in fact, I do not even have it installed on my current phone (a One Plus 2, which I thoroughly regret buying – I got caught up in the Android mania and the unique marketing trick of denying users instant gratification), and although I have it on my iPad, I do not use it. However, it is nice to see the start-up fighting back and not just selling out, which I am sure, was an option for them. Here’s hoping does not go the Posterous way, but stays in business and keeps serving the people that have stuck with it through the difficult times.

Also, if anyone who matters is reading, please revive Posterous!

3 thoughts on “ and the Posterous deja vu

  1. Why do you regret buying the one plus 2?

    And yes that’s the only thing that caught my attention in the entire post. 😛


    1. I guess I just do not like the way the OnePlus Two handles, specifically, I do not like the shift from iPhone/iOS UI to Android UI. In many ways Android provides me a lot of freedom to tweak stuff (access to files at the storage level being the one I appreciate the most) but it leaves a lot desired in terms of ease of use. However, with use, and with improvement in Marshmallow OS, I think I am reaching a position of compromise where I can consider using the OnePlus Two.

      Yeah. I am pretty confused about it all…


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