The Latest Anti-Snoring Aids And Solutions

Somewhere between managing the ever increasing work pressure and keeping up with the personal commitments, it is our sleep that bears the brunt of our lifestyle choices. Sound sleep is a rare and precious thing that only a few lucky ones get to experience. This imbalance in our body clock leads to a number of sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and life-threatening diseases such as cardiac arrest and heart attack. Also, loud snoring can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for both you and your partner. Discussed below are some effective anti-snoring aids and devices that would help you get a sound sleep at night:

Why Is Snoring Dangerous?

Anybody couldbreathe loudly when sleeping; it is only when the snoring aggravates that you should start worrying about it. You snore because the nose is unable to inhale adequate amounts of air. A blocked nose, common cold or dust – there are many reasons why your breathing is restricted. Moreover, when your body cannot inhale properly the natural way it starts looking for other options, i.e., you breathe from your mouth. Your throat muscles close down forcing the air to squeeze through the narrow passage causing deep vibrations aka snoring. So the next time you wake up to your partner’s loud snores in the morning, make an appointment with your family doctor.


How to stop snoring?

Not getting a good night’s sleep can make you cranky in the morning. Moreover, snoring might be one of the reasons why you shift and stir so restlessly in the bed all night long. Daytime fatigue, dark circles, morning crankiness and irritation, are some common symptoms almost every person with sleeping disorders suffers from. Snoring is a common issue today that can be easily cured by making some minor lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, healthy diet, home remedies and proper sleeping hours. However, in case the problem persists you can resort to these anti-snoring devices and gadgets discussed below:

Some Anti Snoring Devices You Can Use

Tired of waking up all cranky and exhausted because the loud snores kept you up all night? It is time you change that. Mentioned below are some simple and effective solutions that you can easily find in any medical store. These anti-snoring gadgets have no side effects and pretty high success rates, so be rest assured, you are in good hands:

Nasal Strips AndDilators

Nasal strips or external nasal dilators expand the air passage by clearing the impurities blocking the nose. Thepieces look like small bandages that have to be worn over the bridge of your nose. These strips featurelittle plastic protruding for enhancing your breathing. It stimulates larger oxygen intake thereby opening up the air passage. Dilators work on the same principle, widening your nasal passage and cleaning the impurities blocking your nose. Also, it is not necessary that you wear the device only while sleeping. Nasal strips are very flexible and can be worn anytime anywhere

Chin straps

Chin straps are a convenient option for people who want to reduce their snoring at night. The chinstraps come with plastic or styrofoam cups that are placed under the chin holding it upwards. The soft cup supports the jaw that is held together in place by thin straps. The strappings on either side of your face uplift your chin and prevent it from sagging or rolling on the side. The chin straps cradle your head in the comfortable position by holding your jaw in a firm yet gentle hold.

MouthpiecesAnd Breathing Aids

Anti-snoring mouthpieces can be divided into two main parts – namely tongue stabilizing devices (TSD) and Mandibular advancement devices (MAD). The TSD works on keeping your tongue from closing in on the throat while the MAD system holds your jaws in a firm grip thereby preventing the risk of any blocking. However, these devices can be a bit uncomfortable when compared to other anti snoring aids. The TSD holds your tongue forward while the MSD equipment assists in the movement of the lower jaw. You can also check out oral breathing aids such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) masks that are considered to be a full proof solution for treating sleep apnea.


Calm and comfortable atmosphere is necessary for getting sound sleep at night. However, external factors such as temperature and humidity levels can adversely affect your sleep triggering the threat of sleeping disorders and other diseases. Inhaling the cold, dry air can further block the nasal passage interrupting your breathing. Installing a humidifier helps restore the moisture levels in the air. A necessary measure for people living in cold, dry climatic zones, humidifiers are connected to the central heating system of the house. Also in places where the humidity levels are high, you can use a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture levels in the atmosphere and ensure hassle free uninterrupted sleep.

Nasal sprays

Common cold, sore throat and infections are among the primary reasons behind snoring. When the nose is blocked by the mucus lining, you have no other alternative than to breathe in through the mouth. Nasal sprays and breathing aids help clear the nasal passage; thesesprays usually contain medicated liquid or chemicals that have to be poured in the nostrils. A safer and more efficient alternative to sleeping pills, nasal sprays work their charm almost immediately. All you have to do is push the nozzle through the nostril and squirt a little amount of liquid in through your nose.

The bottom line

Occasional snoring is a regular thing but if your snoring has aggravated over time then maybe you need to reconsider. What seems like a simple breathing problem might later pose some serious medical concerns in the future. Moreover, while these anti snoring devices mentioned above can take care of your snoring, you should consult a doctor and resort to surgery or medication if the problem persists. Remember, it is not “just snoring” if it poses the risk of life-threatening diseases and strokes.

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