Make Money on the Side While You’re in School

Guest Post; may contain affiliate links.

Everyone knows that medical students are dirt poor, and I took out loans just like everyone else did. I needed loans to cover tuition as well as living costs. I lived relatively frugally but I also wanted to travel and have a good time. Put simply, available cash wasn’t exactly abundant for me then, and I still found a way to live the life I wanted.

A lack of capital is one of the major reasons that people offer for why they haven’t started a side hustle of their own. My belief is that you don’t need much, if any, upfront costs to get a side hustle going. If you don’t have the capital but are willing to put in time & energy, opportunities are out there.

Here are just two simple ways that you can get started earning money on the side while you’re still in school. There are many other things that you can do, but these are two that you can do from the comfort of your home.

Reviewing Products

Many companies are willing to pay a good amount of money to review their products and their services. The time spent on reviewing each product will vary, as will the pay. Focus groups can be time-consuming, but if you’re really looking for a way to make extra money from the comfort of your home, this is a viable option. You can even sign up on sites that will match you automatically to reviews of products you actually use!

Online Casino Games

When done responsibly, you can make a sizeable side income playing online casino games. is a reliable site where you can earn real money playing your favorite games. From slots to roulette, all of your favorite games are there. Go ahead and head to the site to get started on your money-making journey.

Freelance Work

No matter whether you have knowledge in technology, sport or entertainment; there are always blogs out there that are looking for new and passionate writers to fill in space on their website. The days of needing a Journalism or English degree from a university to publish work online are long gone; as long as you have a passion and that comes through in your writing, you will have a chance of working as a freelance writer.

It isn’t only writing where this can apply; should you have the ability in video or photography you will also find good money online for this work. This could mean that you could turn a hobby into a profession.

Tutor Struggling Students

You can put your knowledge to good use by offering your help to fellow students; at a cost. The chances are that you are already paying top dollar for education so you can put this knowledge to an additional purpose by helping students that are struggling. The best way to do this is to market your tutoring services in the degree that you’re currently studying for. This could enable you to not only build up a stable income but also reinforce the knowledge that you’re learning in class. The only drawback of tutoring may be the need to travel.


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