MSF Access Wish List for 2020

For me, MSF Access stands out as an organization which is unique in the extent of impact it has left in the lives of people, especially the ones we have always tended to leave behind. From replenishing the pipeline for the drugs for Tuberculosis, to bringing down the prohibitive costs of HIV drugs, from shining the light of advocacy on the Neglected Tropical Diseases, to campaigning for affordable vaccines for children everywhere, they have done amazing work in improving the lives of people.

Like every year, they have come out with the wishlist, and to be honest, their 2020 wishlist is reasonable and achievable enough – with the right amount of political will and general awarness/demand. Check out the details of their wishlist here, along with the striking illustrations. Here is a short summary of the main elements in their wish list.

The 2020 MSF Access wish list outlines six simple, effective, realistic, and very achievable targets. Check them out. Contribute to make them happen!
MSF Access Wish List for 2020 (Source)

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