MSF Access Wish List for 2020

The 2020 MSF Access wish list outlines six simple, effective, realistic, and very achievable targets. Check them out. Contribute to make them happen... because medicines should not be a luxury.

Indiblogger Closes Shop: Another Nail in the Coffin for Blogging?

Indiblogger, the network for Indian blogs and bloggers, has recently shuttered its doors. The automated materials stay on, but the folks behind this labor of love, are gone. This provokes some thoughts on why I blog (or not), what happened to the blogosphere in the fifteen years I have been blogging, and whether I should continue blogging or not. In other words, a personal rant!

Witnessing Death: The Charnel House of Choeung Ek, Cambodia

Disclaimer: Contains graphic depictions of death and brutality, unfortunatley, all of which is based on truth. There are pictures and accounts of the genocide perpetrated on the Cambodian people by the despotic rule of the Khmer Rouge, under the administration of the Angkar, under Pol Pot's leadership. 

“I can work with this.” Thoughts on the satirical comedy “Look who’s back”

My thoughts on how the last few moments of an old film, "Look who's back" left me quite stirred. The movie is a satire based on a novel by the same name, the premise of which is the aftermath of a cosmic cross-connection due to which Hitler is transmitted to the 2014 world.

Docplexus and the Dicey Email Spam

OK. So, I have not blogged twice in such quick succession in a long long time... that can only mean one thing: I am procrastinating on a deadline! Anyway, that apart, a few things happened over the past few days which prompted me to write this post. So, to start with, this is basically a … Continue reading Docplexus and the Dicey Email Spam