Medical Blogs to Read

In no particular order are some of the active blogs I try to keep up with. If you have a medical blog on the go, drop me a line and let me know!

  1. 33 Charts: Exploring the Edges of Medicine and Technology by Dr. Bryan Vartabedian
  2. Action Potential by an Intern at Metropolis Med (anonymous)
  3. Someday I will be Dr. Dre
  4. The Road Less Travelled by Beth Routledge, a Junior Doctor working in Scotland
  5. Off-White Coat by The Scrivener
  6. Barefoot Whispers by Megz from South Africa
  7. Table for One by The Solitary Diner
  8. Obsessive Cooking Disorder by Natalie Uy
  9. Mindful of Medicine by Racquel
  10. Med School Latecomer by Tofu Medic
  11. Trypanophobia: Musings of a Medical Student with a Needle Phobia by Jo

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