NEET: Not Just A Neat Idea?

So according to the latest update on the website of the Medical Council of India, the proposed merging of state and national level entrance examinations for the post graduate education is going on as planned, despite the stiff opposition from certain sections. Though this notification is a bit vague and in no way a complete … Continue reading NEET: Not Just A Neat Idea?

Blog Buddies: How is it Working Out For You?

Its been over a week since Scott over at Daily Post announced the blog buddy issue. I jumped in headlong and managed to garner a lot of friends. And since I am a bit of a number cruncher (blame the amateur researcher in me), I decided to see how it has been going for me. … Continue reading Blog Buddies: How is it Working Out For You?

Recalled Questions 41-50: AIPGMEE 2011

Q. 1 – 10 Q. 11 – 20 Q. 21 – 30 Q. 31 - 40 41. Deoxygenated blood flows through all of these, except: a. Umbilical Artery b. Umbilical vein c. Pulmonary Artery d. Right Ventricle 42. Which is the best way to monitor intraoperative myocardial ?infarction/?ischemia? a. Transesophageal Echocardiogram b. Electrocardiogram c. SpO2 … Continue reading Recalled Questions 41-50: AIPGMEE 2011