Bloglovin’: Is it worth it?

cy4t2y2ud4m Follow my blog with Bloglovin I am not one for spending too much time on signing up for blog directories and what not, but of late, I have felt that I have been ignoring the blog a bit. So, when someone suggested looking up Bloglovin' and creating a blogger profile there, I thought it … Continue reading Bloglovin’: Is it worth it?

Impacted Nurse, No More?

A shocking tweet: According to The Riot Act, Ian Miller’s very popular blog, ImpactEDnurse, has been shut down owing to problems with his employer, The Canberra Hospital. Since he has disappeared from the Twitter and Facebook scene too, there is yet to be a official declaration on the reason for the untimely demise of … Continue reading Impacted Nurse, No More?

When the Shit Hit the Pan!

WhiteCoat's Call Room is one of my most favorite blogs and I just went all ROTFLMAO when I read this: How Betadine Almost Got Me Arrested. Now is he becoming the Dick Feynman of Medicine, eh? And a pic of the poopy brilliance:    

The New Kids on the PLoS Blogs

A new PLos Blog is being launched and involves a couple of my favorite science bloggers, Ben Good and David Robertson, along with Lizzie Crouch (no relation of Barty Crouch) and Anna Perman. So, go check out the Inside Knowledge blog. I just wish they had an email subscription option!

6 Months of Blogging: Looking Back, and Forward

So I guess I am now no longer the new kid on the blog, eh? Considering the fact that I have been writing consistently for half-a-year, I maybe considered to have wet my feet more than adequately! But, to be honest, the journey did not start here. My now archived blog RXtar, which I started … Continue reading 6 Months of Blogging: Looking Back, and Forward