Happy Birthday WordPress!

My favorite blogging platform turns 8 today. Happy birthday WordPress. Although I have been blogging here for less than even 8 months, wordpress has me irreversibly in love. The beautiful blogging system, the easy user interface, the friendly developer community, and over and above all, a community of bloggers who are as vibrant and active … Continue reading Happy Birthday WordPress!

New Look for Google’s Blogger

Google Blogger has been around for quite some time and is supposedly the largest weblogging system around. The hype around wordpress is however much larger. As a WP.com blogger myself, I have found this service to be pretty reliable and comfortable. There are literally tons of people blogging about wordpress vs blogger out there, but … Continue reading New Look for Google’s Blogger

The New Look WordPress: #JustWrite!

One of the reasons why I absolutely love wordpress.com as a blogging platform (aside from the fact that they make hosting a painless affair) is the fact that the developers are continuously working to make it a better place. Together with the users, the developers have nurtured a vibrant community which encourages the art of … Continue reading The New Look WordPress: #JustWrite!

Collaboration Becomes Easier as WP.com Allows Sharing Google Docs

I have expressed my intense love affair with wordpress.com in several posts in this blog. Consider this one more added to that genre. Big whoop, I like these guys. They make my life easier. So here is the deal: in their latest announcement, the WordPress Happiness Engineers have said that they are allowing the access … Continue reading Collaboration Becomes Easier as WP.com Allows Sharing Google Docs

A Blog Prop: ER Jedi

So, I thought that you must read this blog. I enjoy reading his fluid writing and I guess you would too. His latest post set me thinking about how little the interns and medical students actually get to do in terms of real patient based procedures in the US of A. I have rarely learnt … Continue reading A Blog Prop: ER Jedi