After ImpactEDnurse, @Epiren’s Turn To Go: Pitfalls of #HCSM

I have not been able to spend much time online of late owing to a multitude of reasons, but when I came back online today, I was hit squarely by this: Epiren is not just a tweep I follow, but one of the most prolific bloggers around. LizDitz has outlined a detailed summary of the … Continue reading After ImpactEDnurse, @Epiren’s Turn To Go: Pitfalls of #HCSM

I’m on Grand Rounds!

My first submission to the Grand Rounds, Vol 7, No. 47 has been accepted. It was hosted over at Dr. Edward Pullen’s blog. While I keep wondering why everyone mis-spells my name, I do not take an issue with respect to Dr. P because he has taken the trouble of giving a face to me … Continue reading I’m on Grand Rounds!

Impacted Nurse, No More?

A shocking tweet: According to The Riot Act, Ian Miller’s very popular blog, ImpactEDnurse, has been shut down owing to problems with his employer, The Canberra Hospital. Since he has disappeared from the Twitter and Facebook scene too, there is yet to be a official declaration on the reason for the untimely demise of … Continue reading Impacted Nurse, No More?

When the Shit Hit the Pan!

WhiteCoat's Call Room is one of my most favorite blogs and I just went all ROTFLMAO when I read this: How Betadine Almost Got Me Arrested. Now is he becoming the Dick Feynman of Medicine, eh? And a pic of the poopy brilliance:    

Reassessing Readability of My Blog

I started blogging here around December last year. After about 70 odd posts, on January 19, I checked the readability of my blog. Here is what it looked like: And today, after about 8 months of blogging, with 260+ posts, a lot of them geared towards medical research articles, here is what my readability score … Continue reading Reassessing Readability of My Blog