The Open Reviews Debate

The point-counter-point articles by Karim Khan and Trish Groves published on November 2010 caught my attention when the latter tweeted a link to her side of the story a couple of days ago:!/trished/status/53044806108188672 At the outset of this post, let me make one thing clear: I know that open peer review is a good … Continue reading The Open Reviews Debate

BMJ Open: New Open Access Journal

This journal has been in the piping for quite some time as it had already been declared in the BMJ Blogs. It went live quite some time ago (February 24th) but I just managed to procrastinate posting this till now!!/BMJ_Open/status/40541838293078016 The new journal works on the principle of the author paying system, much like … Continue reading BMJ Open: New Open Access Journal