Valentine’s Day Kills!

I wish all my readers a very Happy Valentine’s Day and though I am spending it in a rather sad and loser-like fashion, I hope y’all make a day out of it! I know this is the day when pink sappiness overrules our lives and the loveless ones like myself feel rather left out of … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Kills!

Why the BMJ Should Not Follow NEJM Author Ban Policy

Fiona Godlee has written a very interesting Editorial in the BMJ and this tweet of hers made me think on this issue: I oppose the blanket ban mainly on principle. I know that it sounds weird, but in my opinion, putting a ban on editorials and reviews by academics with ties with any related … Continue reading Why the BMJ Should Not Follow NEJM Author Ban Policy

Harry Potter and the Missing Trauma Cases

With the last Harry Potter movie in the piping (due for a global release this weekend), it is understandable if the Potter craze gets a little irked this time around. And in true keeping with my Pottermania, in this post, I am going to examine the effect the release of Potter books/movies has on us. … Continue reading Harry Potter and the Missing Trauma Cases

The Open Reviews Debate

The point-counter-point articles by Karim Khan and Trish Groves published on November 2010 caught my attention when the latter tweeted a link to her side of the story a couple of days ago:!/trished/status/53044806108188672 At the outset of this post, let me make one thing clear: I know that open peer review is a good … Continue reading The Open Reviews Debate

BMJ Open: New Open Access Journal

This journal has been in the piping for quite some time as it had already been declared in the BMJ Blogs. It went live quite some time ago (February 24th) but I just managed to procrastinate posting this till now!!/BMJ_Open/status/40541838293078016 The new journal works on the principle of the author paying system, much like … Continue reading BMJ Open: New Open Access Journal