Of Boobs, Babes and the JAMA

This post was selected by Dr. Peter Janiszewski, who blogs at Obesity Panacea and Science of Blogging, and is also the Editor of the Health and Medicine segment of Research Blogging to be an Editor's Selection post. Click on the logo alongside to see the other posts that made it to the front page that day!   I … Continue reading Of Boobs, Babes and the JAMA

HINARI: A Slow and Silent Death?

The Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) was an endeavor of the WHO to promote access to information in major scientific journals to students, scientists and researchers in low income nations at free of cost or low costs. It was alunched in 2002-2003 to facilitate the process of dissemination of knowledge via the internet. … Continue reading HINARI: A Slow and Silent Death?

Nikolay Pirogov: 200 Years to Nowhere

I had heard of Nikola Pirogov as one of the early propounder of Anesthesia in surgery and also as the father of field surgery. It came to my attention that a BMJ Blog was written to celebrate the hero that he was HERE. I must say I did not know that he was that huge a figure in … Continue reading Nikolay Pirogov: 200 Years to Nowhere

BMJ: Busting Myths Journal

I have already admitted how enamored I am with the Christmas edition of the BMJ in an earlier post. And the reasons for loving BMJ in the waning month of each year just keeps on increasing. Somehow, they have managed to take the seriousness out of medical research. Quiet like the Annals of Improbable Science, … Continue reading BMJ: Busting Myths Journal