Rapid Revision: Chromoblastomycosis

This is the segment where I jot down high yield notes for rapid revision of some key features of a focused topic. I know I have not done these for a while now, but well, with the exams right around the corner, and blogging on the backburner, I decided this might be the format to … Continue reading Rapid Revision: Chromoblastomycosis

Charles Beevor: The Sign of a “Bloody” Jerk

Forgive the hyperbolic title. Do not take offense and read on before hating on me. Please note the post script for added justification for this inflammatory title, if you so feel. Thanks. Now on with the main show! Not the best known of neurologists, history has not been very kind to this amicable gentleman, who … Continue reading Charles Beevor: The Sign of a “Bloody” Jerk