COVID-19 in Africa: Slow Epidemic or Low Detection?

COVID-19 has had a slow growth in various African countries. I look at the reported numbers and it seems that although the epidemiological proportions are in agreement with the global numbers, the low rate of testing is perhaps contributing to the lower number of reported cases.

COVID-19 and Modeling the Lock Down: Some Thoughts on a Viral Paper

A modeling paper discussing the impact of lock down has been virally transmitted on WhatsApp. In this post, I outline why I disagree with the core findings and assumptions of the model.

The COVID-19 War Will be Lost in our Hospitals

My reflections on why we need to mount a community-owned action plan to combat COVID-19 and how it will be detrimental to depend on our secondary and tertiary care hospitals to fight the COVID-19 battle.

MERS CoV: Can it spread from camels to man?

The Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS CoV) is a novel single stranded RNA virus that has been doing the rounds in the Middle East, bits of Europe and North America. Given our experiences the last time we had a new respiratory virus (remember the pandemic?), things have moved rather fast this time once the … Continue reading MERS CoV: Can it spread from camels to man?