Facebooking Your Faculty: To be or not to be?

Few emerging technologies have taken by storm the world as much as Facebook has. Although a plummeting share price has theoretically halved Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune (it has come down to $18.75 from its $38 IPO in May and experts say there is further room for the slide) (1) there seems to be no effect whatsoever … Continue reading Facebooking Your Faculty: To be or not to be?

And the AIPG Fiasco Continues

The 5300-odd rankers in the AIPG were breathing a sigh of relief when the notification for counseling for Post Graduation seats was declared, along with dates and ranks and the rank cards were uploaded on the site. It seemed that the concept of online counseling which seemed innocuous on the surface but was fraught with … Continue reading And the AIPG Fiasco Continues

Another AIPG Controversy

Rumors and hearsay have been a dime a dozen since the bombshell of an AIPG dropped on us and since the results were postponed, there seems to have been an explosion of sorts in the kinds of news just flying around. And like all other med students and PG perspirants, even I have been monitoring … Continue reading Another AIPG Controversy