World AIDS Day 2014 Theme

December 1 is celebrated as the World AIDS Day and the theme this year is: Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-Free Generation Arguably one of the most effective plans for global health awareness and Information, Education and Communication activities, the World AIDS Day is generally aimed at getting to zero: zero new infections, zero AIDS related … Continue reading World AIDS Day 2014 Theme

World Toilet Day: Recommitting to a Clean India

My thoughts on the occasion of World Toilet Day. Let us embrace the spirit of this day and instead of photo-shoots in the name of cleaning India up, try and clean India up for real. Time to put a loo in every house in India!

World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero

A couple of days ago, I had a moment of great joy in the clinic we work in the community health center when a person came up to me and unhesitatingly asked for a pack of condoms (they are distributed for free, along with basic medicines from our center). While it might surprise a lot … Continue reading World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero

World Toilet Day: Give A Shit

Happy World Toilet day. As a dear friend reminded me today, it is the day the World Toilet Organization has earmarked for spreading awareness about the lack of proper sanitation and potable water which is killing a large number of people (someone on a poster contended the number was 1600!) everyday the world over. The … Continue reading World Toilet Day: Give A Shit

World TB Day: Make Your Own Poster, Show your Support

Well, its not too fab considering I did not put too much thought into which floating head of mine should go into the image, but then again, more than the image, it is the thought that counts. You can make your own World TB Day poster by going to My Stop TB. It is very … Continue reading World TB Day: Make Your Own Poster, Show your Support