COVID-19 and Modeling the Lock Down: Some Thoughts on a Viral Paper

A modeling paper discussing the impact of lock down has been virally transmitted on WhatsApp. In this post, I outline why I disagree with the core findings and assumptions of the model.

Madagascar Plague Outbreak Slowing Down: WHO

According to a report in the WHO GOARN site (dated 11 February, 2015), the plague outbreak in Madagascar, which began in September, and reached a peak between November and end of December, has started to slow down finally. This was found after the completion of the second round of a survey supported by the Plague … Continue reading Madagascar Plague Outbreak Slowing Down: WHO

Unlicensed Medic Causes HIV Outbreak in Cambodian Village: Lesson for India

Roka, a remote village in Cambodia, has recently suffered a massive outbreak of HIV infection, where as many as 14% of the villagers were believed to be infected. Unsafe injection practices of an unlicensed medic was believed to be the cause of this massive outbreak. What can India learn from this tragic event?