House M.D. Plot: 1.02 Paternity

The next episode happens to be one of my favorites because this is one of the few cases where House’s flights of diagnostic fancy is actually comprehensible to my mere intelligence. Also, there is this one thing I have to ask: in diagnosing SSPE, can we take a trans-pupillary retinal biopsy by poking in through … Continue reading House M.D. Plot: 1.02 Paternity

House M.D. 1.01: Pilot/Everybody Lies: Plot

Since I started writing this series anayzing House MD episodes blow by blow, I have received a few (considering the really few readers this blog has anyways, the definition of “a few” remains open to interpretation) requests to add some more details about the plots themselves so that people do not have to wrack their … Continue reading House M.D. 1.01: Pilot/Everybody Lies: Plot