Facebooking Your Faculty: To be or not to be?

Few emerging technologies have taken by storm the world as much as Facebook has. Although a plummeting share price has theoretically halved Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune (it has come down to $18.75 from its $38 IPO in May and experts say there is further room for the slide) (1) there seems to be no effect whatsoever … Continue reading Facebooking Your Faculty: To be or not to be?

ASMJ-Elsevier Essay Writing Competition

Elsevier and Asian Students’ Medical Journal present an Essay Writing Competition on the topic “Defensive Medicine as a bane to healthcare”. We invite undergraduate and postgraduate students in any field of health sciences to participate. We are looking for creative, well researched and well written entries. Eligibility: Current students (both UG and PG) in any … Continue reading ASMJ-Elsevier Essay Writing Competition