Pseudorabies Outbreak in Arkansas

An outbreak of Pseudorabies (which is also known as Aujesky's disease) has broken out in the feral hogs in Arkansas, according to a report in the Arkansas Matters.Pseudorabies is a viral disease, which causes the colloquially labelled disease "mad itch", and was reported when ten hunting dogs became infected with the virus after ate the … Continue reading Pseudorabies Outbreak in Arkansas

Swine Brucella Risk While Hunting Feral Hogs

The Alabama feral hog hunting trend has increased over the past year, and with larger number of people getting involved in handling the wild hog once it has been killed, the risks of contracting Swine Brucella is on the rise. Swine Brucella is caused by the bacterium Brucella suis and is usually contracted while handling an … Continue reading Swine Brucella Risk While Hunting Feral Hogs