#beggaraccess: Nature, Dark Social, Free to View and the Open Access Debate

Nature has recently opened up its vast treasure trove to all those who know someone with access to them. Here I wonder at the irony of the fact that they are raising more barriers in the name of access!

Throckmorton’s Sign: Percy Points to Pathology

What is the Throckmorton Sign? What is its clinical significance? Who is it named after? And such other reflections about a weird and awesome radiology sign. Read on to know more: they might ask it in the PG Entrance exams, you never know!

NEET: Not Just A Neat Idea?

So according to the latest update on the website of the Medical Council of India, the proposed merging of state and national level entrance examinations for the post graduate education is going on as planned, despite the stiff opposition from certain sections. Though this notification is a bit vague and in no way a complete … Continue reading NEET: Not Just A Neat Idea?