OK! So I am officially on Google+ now. Please put me in your circles and stuff. My Google Profile can be viewed here: Pranab Chatterjee. Right now, thanks to the desolate landscape that my Google+ page is, it looks something like this: Come on, encircle me friends, and make my G+ life enriched! On a … Continue reading On-Plussed!

Google+: After #TwitJC, Time for #VidJC? Proposing a Model!

Dr. Ves Dimov asks an important question via When are you starting a Journal Club on Google Plus?. And I am interested because using social media for medical education is one of my prime areas of interest. In response to one of my posts, Dr. Arin Basu left his proposal to use Google + hangouts … Continue reading Google+: After #TwitJC, Time for #VidJC? Proposing a Model!