Google+: After #TwitJC, Time for #VidJC? Proposing a Model!

Dr. Ves Dimov asks an important question via When are you starting a Journal Club on Google Plus?. And I am interested because using social media for medical education is one of my prime areas of interest. In response to one of my posts, Dr. Arin Basu left his proposal to use Google + hangouts … Continue reading Google+: After #TwitJC, Time for #VidJC? Proposing a Model!

Reassessing Readability of My Blog

I started blogging here around December last year. After about 70 odd posts, on January 19, I checked the readability of my blog. Here is what it looked like: And today, after about 8 months of blogging, with 260+ posts, a lot of them geared towards medical research articles, here is what my readability score … Continue reading Reassessing Readability of My Blog

Social Media for Medical Education

The brilliant Neil Mehta, on his blog Technology in (Medical) Education, has presented a wonderful way of using Google reader and Facebook as a tool for medical education, in the form of a Journal Club. Here is an outline: And here is a summary of the method: Steps: Faculty member/Chief Residents set up Google Reader … Continue reading Social Media for Medical Education

Google Page Rank Love!

8 months into blogging and finally, that bit of Googlized love that every domain owner craves for: Page Rank! I figured out that since it had been several days since I had obsessed over my stats, it was time that I re-executed this exercise in futility. Little did I know unknown to me, The Big … Continue reading Google Page Rank Love!

She’s Got The Looks: Google Blogger’s New Look!

A series of screen grabs to show what it looks like: 1. The Main Home Page: 2. The Blog Dashboard: 3. The Stats look cool: 4. A drop down list for the posts tab: 5. The posting interface: All said and done, here are my thoughts on the new look: 1. It looks spiffy and … Continue reading She’s Got The Looks: Google Blogger’s New Look!