Up on Grand Rounds: Looking for Meaning

So just a little post to let all you readers (yes, all five of you!) know that I am alive, and to pipe in that the latest segment of the Grand Rounds is up at GlassHospital. One of my posts has been included in it. Do check it out, especially looking out for Dr. Grumpy’s … Continue reading Up on Grand Rounds: Looking for Meaning

The Business of Grand Rounds

Oh don’t read too much into the title. Its just an over-thought way of saying that Grand Rounds is up and running over at the Health Business Blog and one of my posts have been included! And some special thanks to the author David Williams for sending special love for my blog name! Thanks David. … Continue reading The Business of Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds Time AGAIN!

Another Grand Rounds is up. This time over at Laika’s MedLibLog, and once again, one of my posts has been put up. Thanks for giving me some jostling space with the most wonderful bloggers on healthosphere! Meanwhile, today is Diwali, the celebration of lights (and sounds), and hence ever since I woke up, my Mom … Continue reading Grand Rounds Time AGAIN!

Grand Rounds Comes to INDIA!

Guess what, grand rounds is in India, hosted over at Radiologist Dr. Sumer Sethi’s blog. He has several great posts in it. Check out the whole deal here. One of my posts has also got in. I mailed it in to him today, and he was kind enough to put it up! I have been … Continue reading Grand Rounds Comes to INDIA!

Grand Rounds 7-50 Over at Dr. Rich’s

Go on to read the latest summary of the best in medical blogging over at the Covert Rationing Blog written by Dr. Rich. I am glad that he found one of my posts fit to be included in his write up. Though initially it was not themed, Dr Rich decided on the theme of Jobs … Continue reading Grand Rounds 7-50 Over at Dr. Rich’s