Harry Potter and Corynebacterium

adv_pot_hpOne of the earliest posts on this blog was a Harry Potter movie review. So it is only fitting that with the final installment of the Harry Potter octology set to release in a few days, the Pottermaniacs like me are getting worked up and to celebrate that spirit, I decided to log in this post. And just in case you are too much of a Muggle, here is a snap of Golpalott’s Third Law a bit of background knowledge that you might be needing to just hit the right note with this particular post:

“The antidote for a blended poison will be equal to more than the sum of the antidotes for each of the separate components.

—Golpalott’s Third Law.

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Valentine’s Day Special: John Hunter

In this special series, I will try to head up to Valentine’s Day with a series of posts to celebrate the day of love with posts not quite so pink and rosey. And I will start with the volatile Scottish surgeon: John Hunter! Yeah. You read that right! Read on, to understand why I chose him! “Man is born or comes into the world ignorant; … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Special: John Hunter

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Nikolay Pirogov: 200 Years to Nowhere

I had heard of Nikola Pirogov as one of the early propounder of Anesthesia in surgery and also as the father of field surgery. It came to my attention that a BMJ Blog was written to celebrate the hero that he was HERE. I must say I did not know that he was that huge a figure in Russian Medicine. A little more digging around revealed a lot … Continue reading Nikolay Pirogov: 200 Years to Nowhere

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WAD 2010: A Short History of the World AIDS Day

As a part of my campaign to spread more awareness regarding issues related to HIV/AIDS this month, I am going to write blog posts, create slideshow presentations and upload videos of the presentations I do for people to see. In a 10 episode series, I plan to capture the various aspects of HIV, AIDS and living with the disease. In the first episode, I present … Continue reading WAD 2010: A Short History of the World AIDS Day

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World AIDS Day: A Short History

On the eve of one of the most popular days in the medical calendar, the World AIDS Day, let me dwell on a short history of this day. Celebrated on 1st December every year, the World AIDS Day is dedicated to raising awareness, funding and acceptance of HIV/AIDS and the 35 million people worldwide living with it. In August 1987, Thomas Netter and James W. … Continue reading World AIDS Day: A Short History

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Robert Edwards’ Nobel Prize Revives Memories of an Unsung Indian Pioneer

While the world stands up to salute Robert Edwards for being acknowledged with the Nobel Prize, another pioneer of this field goes largely unnoticed. Subhash Mukherjee, an Indian physician, based in Kolkata, West Bengal, was part of a team comprising of Cryobiologist Sunit Mukherji and Gynecologist Dr. Saroj Kanti Bhattacharya, who managed to create India‟s first (and the world‟s second) “test tube baby” just 67 … Continue reading Robert Edwards’ Nobel Prize Revives Memories of an Unsung Indian Pioneer

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