New, Aggressive Strain of HIV Identified in Cuba

A paper (1) in the journal EBioMed has discussed the discovery of a new strain of HIV which seems to be especially aggressive and progresses to AIDS from HIV infection within a very short time. This strain, found in Cuba, raises new questions about the chemotherapy for HIV Infection.HIV is an immunologically complex virus having … Continue reading New, Aggressive Strain of HIV Identified in Cuba

Unlicensed Medic Causes HIV Outbreak in Cambodian Village: Lesson for India

Roka, a remote village in Cambodia, has recently suffered a massive outbreak of HIV infection, where as many as 14% of the villagers were believed to be infected. Unsafe injection practices of an unlicensed medic was believed to be the cause of this massive outbreak. What can India learn from this tragic event?

Black Tar Heroin: Lower HIV Transmission vs Higher Bacterial Infections?

The rise of street-cut, unsanitary preparations of Black Tar Heroin has allegedly reduced HIV transmission but at the cost of higher numbers of fatal, bacterial infections, notably botulism, clusters of which have been regularly identified in California.

World AIDS Day 2014 Theme

December 1 is celebrated as the World AIDS Day and the theme this year is: Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-Free Generation Arguably one of the most effective plans for global health awareness and Information, Education and Communication activities, the World AIDS Day is generally aimed at getting to zero: zero new infections, zero AIDS related … Continue reading World AIDS Day 2014 Theme

World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero

A couple of days ago, I had a moment of great joy in the clinic we work in the community health center when a person came up to me and unhesitatingly asked for a pack of condoms (they are distributed for free, along with basic medicines from our center). While it might surprise a lot … Continue reading World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero