Facebooking Your Faculty: To be or not to be?

Few emerging technologies have taken by storm the world as much as Facebook has. Although a plummeting share price has theoretically halved Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune (it has come down to $18.75 from its $38 IPO in May and experts say there is further room for the slide) (1) there seems to be no effect whatsoever … Continue reading Facebooking Your Faculty: To be or not to be?

The Tyranny of Diagnosis

For a profession that primarily concentrates on the well being of the human being, we seem to be very disconnected with the suffering person. We hide behind the facades of cases/bed no./patient ID or sometimes, even diagnoses/differential diagnoses to depersonalize the man who is suffering the disease. We end up diagnosing the disease, treating the … Continue reading The Tyranny of Diagnosis

When Diseases Talk: Tuberculosis and Its Impression on Literature

A skiagram of the chest, showing miliary mottling, suggestive of Pulmonary Koch's Disease in both lungs. there is also an opacity of the right upper lobe suggestive of active pulmonary disease. Patient was an 84 year old man, with a long history of TB for the treatment of which he was a multiple defaulter. The … Continue reading When Diseases Talk: Tuberculosis and Its Impression on Literature

Sex and the Senile

Geriatric sexuality is a very sparsely explored domain in the medical arena. With the developing world getting top heavy on the age pyramid, this has become a rather timely question to ask. This study conducted in Australia takes a look at the prevalence of sexual activities in people ages 75 years and above (upto 95 … Continue reading Sex and the Senile

Another Brick in the Wall

This is a repost from my old blog. Something happened today morning to remind me of the fact that as medical students we go through some of the worst times in our lives, and it never pays to give up in the struggle for life. I am trying to mask the identities and changing the … Continue reading Another Brick in the Wall