Teenage Pregnancy: An Ethics Question

You-know! This post on Not House's blog set me thinking about an ethically dicey question (Medical ethics has always been one of my pet peeves): Teenage Pregnancy and Consent. In this post, I am going to state an ethics issue, to which you may feel free to post your views/comments on (regarding the ethical implications … Continue reading Teenage Pregnancy: An Ethics Question

House MD and the professional guinea pig (via Humanities and Health)

A very interesting post with a poignant question to round it off: A must read for all concerned with health policies and the like. Whilst this post is not intended to be an answer to the question raised here, I must say that someday I intend to come back to it and write about it, … Continue reading House MD and the professional guinea pig (via Humanities and Health)

Valentine’s Day Special: John Hunter

In this special series, I will try to head up to Valentine’s Day with a series of posts to celebrate the day of love with posts not quite so pink and rosey. And I will start with the volatile Scottish surgeon: John Hunter! Yeah. You read that right! Read on, to understand why I chose … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Special: John Hunter

Death Drug on the Death Row

In the lethal injections used to execute prisoners on the death row, one of the major components is an important anesthetic drug called sodium thiopental. Under a three drug protocol, sodium thiopental is used to anaesthetise the prisoner, then pancuronium bromide paralyses him, before potassium chloride is administered to cause a fatal heart attack. (1) … Continue reading Death Drug on the Death Row

Who Will Guard the Guardians?

In a grove of trees in the grounds of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC, is a statue in memory of Albert Einstein. On it are engraved three of his sayings. One reads: “The right to search for truth implies also a duty; one must not conceal any part of what one has … Continue reading Who Will Guard the Guardians?