Indiblogger Closes Shop: Another Nail in the Coffin for Blogging?

Indiblogger, the network for Indian blogs and bloggers, has recently shuttered its doors. The automated materials stay on, but the folks behind this labor of love, are gone. This provokes some thoughts on why I blog (or not), what happened to the blogosphere in the fifteen years I have been blogging, and whether I should continue blogging or not. In other words, a personal rant!

#IndiCal Blogger Meetup

I attended the Indiblogger meet up that was organized by Indiblogger in collaboration with Akshaya Patra and others in Kolkata, at the Suresh Neotia Center for Excellence in Leadership last Sunday. Here are some of the memories as captured by my Blogger Buddy Nipon, himself a doctor, with his mobicam. The meet was attended by … Continue reading #IndiCal Blogger Meetup

#IndiCal: The #AkshayPatra Kolkata IndiBlogger Meet

So, I have joined the Indian Blogging community at Indiblogger only recently but it seems like a real active group of people. The Indian Bloggers’ Meet is being organized by them, in collaboration with AkshayPatra near City Center on the 20th February, 2011. Here is the agenda: (I am copying this using the Windows Live … Continue reading #IndiCal: The #AkshayPatra Kolkata IndiBlogger Meet

Life, At Full Tilt!

I am running off my feet with so many things going on in my life right now! Spent a marathon on call session in the hospital, then started to feel the twinge in the back that I get from time to time: undiagnosed upper back pain. Cramping. Killing. Tremendous family complications going on as well! … Continue reading Life, At Full Tilt!