Side Effect of Narela: Missing PoTF and Friends

Note: The photos do not belong to me. They are the work of Animesh Ray. Do check his site out for some fabulous photographs. It is 2 AM in the morning, and I cannot go to sleep. As one PoTF favorite after another rolls off my laptop, I feel an myself retreating into a cocoon … Continue reading Side Effect of Narela: Missing PoTF and Friends

TEDx Comes to Kolkata

As a part of a bigger TEDx webcast from Berlin, a TEDx event is being organized in Kolkata, at Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. The program is being supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. TEDx events have been organized in India before, especially in Delhi and Pune, a number of times, but it has only … Continue reading TEDx Comes to Kolkata

The Adler Trumpf Junior, Kolkata

I was trundling down Hungerford Street and was caught at the signal on the crossing the other day when I saw a car pull up alongside mine. I was a little lost in thought, contemplating my really horrific performance in the recently concluded examinations, so I did not really notice what was there beside me. … Continue reading The Adler Trumpf Junior, Kolkata


I live and work in Kolkata, one of the metropolitan cities in India. Now, of all the things my city is famous for, cold winters ain’t one. And this winter, well, if it gets any colder, there’ll be snow, I think. Without going into the climate-debate, I would rather concentrate on saying how this affects … Continue reading COLDkata