What Flies in KVPY: A Sample Project

I have been getting a deluge of requests to post some examples of the type of projects that have been selected. While it is a bit of a chore to track down the folks who got through and ask them for their project abstracts (most people are not so open minded about handing out unpublished … Continue reading What Flies in KVPY: A Sample Project

National Conference on Students’ Medical Research

The Community Medicine department of Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram is organizing the 5th National Conference on Students’ Medical Research. The theme for this year is: Translational Medicine. Their website has more details. Here is their brochure: Their website (which is very chic, easy to navigate and user friendly, something we are not accustomed to while browsing … Continue reading National Conference on Students’ Medical Research

KVPY: 5 Reasons To Apply

Well, this might seem like a stupid question to ask, but yesterday a medical student contacted me and posed before me several important queries as to the merits of busting one’s… erm, neurons… in winning the KVPY scholarship when the pressure of medical school was already too much to handle. That got me thinking, and … Continue reading KVPY: 5 Reasons To Apply

KVPY: 10 Tips to Succeed!

So it seems like I am on a reblogging roll today! This time I resurrect another one of my favorite and popular post from my long dead old blog pointing out the 10 virtues of a research project which may help you to get selected for the Interview stage. When you get there, do read … Continue reading KVPY: 10 Tips to Succeed!

The Final Frontier: Acing the KVPY Interviews

So, yet another repost of a popular article from my now fossilized old blog. I was getting a lot of questions regarding how to handle the KVPY Interviews and how to write a project report that gets the approval of the same. So, I decided to go ahead and repost those articles so that at … Continue reading The Final Frontier: Acing the KVPY Interviews