The Passing of Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich died from complications related to rheumatoid arthritis which she had suffered from all her adult life. She was 82 when she passed away last Tuesday. Purported to be one of the most widely read poets of the latter half of last century, her work was marked by its true blue support for feminism. … Continue reading The Passing of Adrienne Rich

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win."

Have you heard of Sanjit Bunker Roy? NO? Of course. Your nose mjust have been buried in some rotten MCQ book like mine. Go read this then. STAT! One of the prestigious Time 100 in 2010, he is one rebel I would love to emulate. Check out this TED talk of his. [Thanks to Dr. … Continue reading "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win."

So What If Peter Roebuck WAS Gay?

I logged in to check if I had any comments or mails to moderate or reply to and I was hugely shocked to see this on the stats tab of the blog: Initially I had thought that the spike of visits was because of this post I wrote about my experience of the AIIMS PGMEE … Continue reading So What If Peter Roebuck WAS Gay?

Anesthetists’ Hymn

Alright, with all the hate and fear and negative stuff going around for the last few days, I decided to can it. Come on folks, let’s move on already and let peace reign. And with that let me provide, for your entertainment, the Anesthetists’ Hymn, a parody of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” – a … Continue reading Anesthetists’ Hymn

I’m on Grand Rounds!

My first submission to the Grand Rounds, Vol 7, No. 47 has been accepted. It was hosted over at Dr. Edward Pullen’s blog. While I keep wondering why everyone mis-spells my name, I do not take an issue with respect to Dr. P because he has taken the trouble of giving a face to me … Continue reading I’m on Grand Rounds!