MedEd Monday #1: Seductive Statistics

This is a TED talk worth hearing:

In less than 6 minutes, Sebastian Wernicke presents the power of numbers. Aptly titled “LIES, DAMN LIES AND STATISTICS” this is a discourse in how to use numbers. One of my teachers used to say that if you tortured numbers long enough, they would say whatever you wanted them to. And this TED Talk takes it one step further: presenting numbers in an attractive way is equally important in getting your message across (no matter how spurious the associations may be!).

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Of Classes, Confusions and Consternation

[Meaningless personal rant below, read at your own risk!] So, I have been away from the webverse for the last couple of days, trying to sort out some of the weird issues that plague my life. I have been attending some classes, didactic lectures, etc in order to hone my skills prior to the upcoming examinations in January. I know, the little voice inside my … Continue reading Of Classes, Confusions and Consternation

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Break Ke Baad (After the Break)

Oh, no, not the movie. I was just talking about me! I am back after a break. A break in course of which I attended a workshop, realized the futility of life, did no blogging, got depressed after managing to alienate people close to me, and of course, did nothing to improve my slacking schedule. If, however, you expected me to talk about the Deepika … Continue reading Break Ke Baad (After the Break)

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Common Exit Exams for Indian Med Students?

So, if this Article (not the best source of news, I know) is to be believed, then the special task force created under the aegis of the Central Government to clean up the mess that is medical education in India, the National Commission for Human Resources for Health, has suggested in its report that there should be a common exit exams for the medical students. … Continue reading Common Exit Exams for Indian Med Students?

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