California Frowns on the Prospect of Measles Parties

The California Department of Public Health, has responded to the sudden spate of "news" concerning the fact that there are parents who are eager to expose their children to measles intentionally rather than vaccinate them against the disease (measles parties, much like the chicken pox parties one hears about, intends to give the children a … Continue reading California Frowns on the Prospect of Measles Parties

Measles Outbreak in Kyrgyzstan

The central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan has recorded 11,000 cases of measles, prompting a travel advisory from the WHO. The nation has initiated a mass vaccination campaign to combat the spread of this disease. Of these 11,000 cases, an estimated 7,000 had occurred in the very first seven weeks of 2015.The WHO has issued a … Continue reading Measles Outbreak in Kyrgyzstan