Super-Bugs in Bugs and A Media Scare

This e-pub ahead of print has sent the media into a tizzy, and why would it not! Consider the power of this headline in your morning newspaper: Bed Bug: Cimex lectularius Image via Wikimedia. “FLESH EATING BACTERIA ISOLATED FROM BED BUGS” Now that the zombie apocalypse has failed, there must be some new fad to … Continue reading Super-Bugs in Bugs and A Media Scare

Treating MRSA: Clinical Evidence

There is an excellent resource in Clinical Evidence on MRSA: treating people with infection, which proved to be very helpful to me just last week. We usually do not get too many patients with MRSA, thankfully, and were caught off guard when a patient's culture reports showed MRSA. After doing the needful and alerting the … Continue reading Treating MRSA: Clinical Evidence