MSF Access Wish List for 2020

The 2020 MSF Access wish list outlines six simple, effective, realistic, and very achievable targets. Check them out. Contribute to make them happen... because medicines should not be a luxury.

#DTMH Strategies: Disease Summary – Diphtheria

While preparing for the group activities or quizzes for the GHHM Course, we come across a lot of disease conditions, and one of the strategies that I tried to adopt was to create short notes on the individual diseases, as well as study up the public health approach to prevent and control epidemics or outbreaks of these diseases. Here is the disease profile for Diphtheria.

#DTMH Strategies: The Preventive Medicine Paper

One of the most challenging parts of the DTM&H examination is the preventive medicine paper, which basically comprises of five questions, each carrying twenty marks, all of which you have to answer in one hour. It is the section where South Asian candidates perform the worst in!

#DTMH Strategies: Using the GHHM Site

For those who are acquiring the eligibility to sit for the Royal College of Physicians, London, iteration of the DTM&H examination through the MSF's Global Health and Humanitarian Medicine course, this is a short primer introducing them to the slightly confusing, extremely helpful, and somewhat user-unfriendly Moodle platform which forms the foundation stone for the year-long preparation trek!

Deadly Outbreak of Visceral Leishmaniasis: A Socio-Political Pathology?

The MSF has reported that the number of cases of visceral leishmaniasis reported from South Sudan, which has been torn by conflict and political strife, has doubled in 2014 (>6700 cases) in comparison to 2013 (2714 cases). In the dusty town of Lankien alone, the MSF has treated 4611 patients of leishmaniasis, which is almost … Continue reading Deadly Outbreak of Visceral Leishmaniasis: A Socio-Political Pathology?