Condemning Predatory Journals/Publishers: Nature

This week's Nature has run yet another publication condemning the evil of predatory publication. However, there is a twist in the tale as the authors have found that authors from high-income countries also publish in these journals quite often! A group of authors spent a whole year combing through 2000 articles published in 200 potentially … Continue reading Condemning Predatory Journals/Publishers: Nature

#beggaraccess: Nature, Dark Social, Free to View and the Open Access Debate

Nature has recently opened up its vast treasure trove to all those who know someone with access to them. Here I wonder at the irony of the fact that they are raising more barriers in the name of access!

Super-Bugs in Bugs and A Media Scare

This e-pub ahead of print has sent the media into a tizzy, and why would it not! Consider the power of this headline in your morning newspaper: Bed Bug: Cimex lectularius Image via Wikimedia. “FLESH EATING BACTERIA ISOLATED FROM BED BUGS” Now that the zombie apocalypse has failed, there must be some new fad to … Continue reading Super-Bugs in Bugs and A Media Scare

Monkey Business

One of the wings of our home is being extended, and hence is open to all sorts of intruders, like this kind soul who decided to get comfy there and settle in for the day. We fed him bread, bananas and he was eager to pose for my cam! Random weirdness that made my day!

PLoS vs Nature: The Open Access Showdown

So, remember, a few days ago I had talked about the launch of an Open Access journal from the NPG stable? If you were too busy having a life, go, check out the post here. Anyways, in what seems like an almost sarcastic repetition of history, PLoS welcomes the latest addition to the OA field. … Continue reading PLoS vs Nature: The Open Access Showdown