Ajit Sengupta: Burning Bright

Today marks 2 years since that fateful day when Ajit Sengupta passed away. As one of the many admirers and students of this wonderful teacher, my heart fills with an indescribable heaviness as I sit down top type out this post. As all his students remember, he had a unique posture while teaching. He never … Continue reading Ajit Sengupta: Burning Bright

The Passing of Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich died from complications related to rheumatoid arthritis which she had suffered from all her adult life. She was 82 when she passed away last Tuesday. Purported to be one of the most widely read poets of the latter half of last century, her work was marked by its true blue support for feminism. … Continue reading The Passing of Adrienne Rich

Jobs: It’s a Ding Thing!

I have been reading the masses of news that is rolling in from all corners of the earth lamenting the loss of Steve Jobs. He is not just a technical genius that gave people the power to tame the beast, but also a visionary who saw far ahead of his times. His success lies in … Continue reading Jobs: It’s a Ding Thing!