Unlicensed Medic Causes HIV Outbreak in Cambodian Village: Lesson for India

Roka, a remote village in Cambodia, has recently suffered a massive outbreak of HIV infection, where as many as 14% of the villagers were believed to be infected. Unsafe injection practices of an unlicensed medic was believed to be the cause of this massive outbreak. What can India learn from this tragic event?

Severe Flu Season in the US: Too early to call for antivirals?

The CDC came out with a press release last week which expressed the fear that the US was destined to face a severe season of influenza in the upcoming few months. It is still early on in the influenza season and the disease activity is low in the US at this point of time, but … Continue reading Severe Flu Season in the US: Too early to call for antivirals?

Anthrax in Odisha: Time for One Health in India?

An outbreak of anthrax in Koraput, Odisha, and the lack of public health information around it prompts advocacy on the adoption of the One Health framework in India as well.

Trichinella Outbreak in Belgium: How Infections Cross International Borders

Pork, infected with larvae of Trichinella, imported from Spain, has led to an outbreak of Trichinellosis in parts of Belgium. Though the outbreak focus has been identified and preventative measures adopted, this goes to show we have very poor control over how infections spread.