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Condemning Predatory Journals/Publishers: Nature

This week’s Nature has run yet another publication condemning the evil of predatory publication. However, there is a twist in the tale as the authors have found that authors from high-income countries also publish in these journals quite often! A group of authors spent a whole year combing through 2000 articles published in 200 potentially … Continue reading

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Predatory Open Access: Part 3 – Research Spoofs and Publication Faux-Pas

Ever since the Science paper came out earlier this week, the world of academia has been a-flutter with excitement and controlled outrage. In the midst of all this, I decided to do a series of posts examining the situation at hand. This is the third and concluding portion of the series and prior to this: Predatory Open … Continue reading

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Predatory Open Access: Part 2 – Peer Review in OA and Ethics of “Sting Op Research”

Ever since the Science article about a sting operation to reveal the murky business that goes on in the name of Open Access journals came out, the academic world has been thrown into a tizzy. I decided to do a series of posts exploring the issue of predatory open access and the issues surrounding them. The first post … Continue reading

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