Indiblogger Closes Shop: Another Nail in the Coffin for Blogging?

Indiblogger, the network for Indian blogs and bloggers, has recently shuttered its doors. The automated materials stay on, but the folks behind this labor of love, are gone. This provokes some thoughts on why I blog (or not), what happened to the blogosphere in the fifteen years I have been blogging, and whether I should continue blogging or not. In other words, a personal rant!

Remembering Prof. Huw Taylor

A couple of months back, my institute hosted a group of scientists from the University of Brighton and Emory University, who had come over to explore the possibilities of collaborating on a research project on enteric fever and its environmental, behavioral and biological determinants. We spent a couple of days trampling through the alleys of … Continue reading Remembering Prof. Huw Taylor

Six years, half-a-million views, and a lost blog…

I have been wondering about what to do with the blog for a while now. As the title indicates, I have been blogging for almost six and a half years on this site, though I have been silent for the greater part of the last year or so. I have been fortunate enough to have … Continue reading Six years, half-a-million views, and a lost blog…

Birthdays, Bonds and Being Bowled Over

This has been one of the most raucous Junes yet. Tons of fun, including a 7-cake birthday celebration (almost a week long event, where I ended up cutting into seven cakes!), lot of letting the (proverbial) hair down, and fooling around in general. Life's been good. This series of celebrations started with Jitendra sir's birthday … Continue reading Birthdays, Bonds and Being Bowled Over

Side Effect of Narela: Missing PoTF and Friends

Note: The photos do not belong to me. They are the work of Animesh Ray. Do check his site out for some fabulous photographs. It is 2 AM in the morning, and I cannot go to sleep. As one PoTF favorite after another rolls off my laptop, I feel an myself retreating into a cocoon … Continue reading Side Effect of Narela: Missing PoTF and Friends