“I can work with this.” Thoughts on the satirical comedy “Look who’s back”

My thoughts on how the last few moments of an old film, "Look who's back" left me quite stirred. The movie is a satire based on a novel by the same name, the premise of which is the aftermath of a cosmic cross-connection due to which Hitler is transmitted to the 2014 world.

US Shutdown: PubMed, Twitter, Trolls and Medicine

The news in Twitterville and Facebookland is the US Government Shutdown. It seems pretty complicated if you ask me, with a lot of financial considerations being taken into account to understand why the government is shutting down, so, I will use internet memes that have been doing the rounds, in an effort to clarify my … Continue reading US Shutdown: PubMed, Twitter, Trolls and Medicine

Social Exclusion and Inclusion: A Primer

This was a write-up I did for an assignment as part of my Residency training. We have such “informally formal” assignments which are assigned to us in course of the intra-departmental seminars. Now there may well be a lot of mistakes in this (it is supposed to be a primer for me actually!) so please … Continue reading Social Exclusion and Inclusion: A Primer

Gender Bias + Ignorance = DANGEROUS Patients?

Oh well, just read this post, and had to come write about it before sitting down to study for the night. The issue the author raises on the blog is a VERY important one, but dilutes it with her abject ignorance. The basic premise of the post is the right to choose physicians of a … Continue reading Gender Bias + Ignorance = DANGEROUS Patients?

Now Syria Stops the Internet

Following in the footsteps of one Hosni Mubarak, the Syrian supremo, Bashar Al-Assaad has shut down access to internet to stem the growing tide of resentment against him, and to quell another rebellion in the state. Image from Amnesty USA According to the article in Mashable: “Starting at 3:35 UTC today, approximately two thirds of … Continue reading Now Syria Stops the Internet