Anesthetists’ Hymn

Alright, with all the hate and fear and negative stuff going around for the last few days, I decided to can it. Come on folks, let’s move on already and let peace reign. And with that let me provide, for your entertainment, the Anesthetists’ Hymn, a parody of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” – a … Continue reading Anesthetists’ Hymn

Gleeking Out!

OK. I can already feel the snark coming on. Anyways. Despite that, I am going to go ahead and write this post! As with all other shows, Glee, season 2, arrives to my part of the world literally an aeon after it was launched in the other side of the world. And I just simply … Continue reading Gleeking Out!

@Doctor_V vs @mommy_doctor: Storm in a #Tweetcup or #HCSM Debate

This is a scary position I am going to take. Contradicting someone of Dr. Brian Vartabedian’s stature is bound to have some repercussions: I hope they are not too profound! Also, hat tip to the awesom @scanman for coming up with the “storm in a tweetcup” comment. I am using it! Anyways. So here goes nothing! … Continue reading @Doctor_V vs @mommy_doctor: Storm in a #Tweetcup or #HCSM Debate

Vampire #FAIL

I am usually above posting such juvenile, tumblr-ey stuff (ahem, I use Tumblr for that, its much easier to steal content in the name of reblogging out there!), but this was just too good to pass up! I have expressed my impatience with the Twilight trilogy before, and this just adds more firepower to my … Continue reading Vampire #FAIL

Rabindranath: The God of Bong Things

Today marks the sesquicentennial of India’s Nobel laureate, poet, philosopher, multifaceted genius, Rabindranath Thakur. There hardly seems to be a facet of our lives which has not been touched by his works, his words. He was prophetic in announcing in 1896, at the age of only 35 years: “A hundred years from today,Who are you, … Continue reading Rabindranath: The God of Bong Things