National Conference on Students’ Medical Research

The Community Medicine department of Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram is organizing the 5th National Conference on Students’ Medical Research. The theme for this year is: Translational Medicine. Their website has more details. Here is their brochure: Their website (which is very chic, easy to navigate and user friendly, something we are not accustomed to while browsing … Continue reading National Conference on Students’ Medical Research

CET: Proposing a NEET Idea

I have had this presentation made by Dr. Avinash Supe, Professor and HOD, Department of Gastrosurgery, KEM Hospital and Seth GS Medical College and was waiting for the right time to publish it online. It seems like the time is now here! Knowing how the Google Docs to WordPress thingy does not always work smoothly, … Continue reading CET: Proposing a NEET Idea

Thank You Eva, For Reminding Me…

… what studying Medicine was all about. I came across this talk by Alzheimer’s and Cancer researcher, Microbiology prodigy, Eva Vertes. She delivered this TEDTalk when she was just 19, but by then she had already made a niche of her own in the world of medicine. At a juncture when I am personally going … Continue reading Thank You Eva, For Reminding Me…

A Wonderful Presentation: The Gatekeeper is Dead

This presentation by Cameron Neylon is about using filters in publication and I came across it via a link posted on Fenner's blog on PLoS One. I must say that although a lot of what it says does not affect me in any direct manner, I feel this is an exquisite presentation. In fact, this … Continue reading A Wonderful Presentation: The Gatekeeper is Dead

Junior Doctors’ Symposium: The Abstract

So, at the end of this month, there is going to be a competitive symposium for the junior doctors (Interns, House staffs, Residents) at my medical school. The topic is urrgghhh… OBESITY! Not the most interesting in the world, I am afraid. The subtopics are: Epidemiology of Obesity Pathophysiology of Obesity Assessment of Obesity Medical … Continue reading Junior Doctors’ Symposium: The Abstract