Rifaximin in IBS: A Quick Fix?

This study published in the NEJM seems to have tackled the really dicey issue of unearthing a pharmacotherapeutic agent to deal with the rather ubiquitous, though poorly understood, and more often than not, even less poorly managed problem of irritable bowel syndrome. The irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a functional gastrointestinal disorder characterized by recurring … Continue reading Rifaximin in IBS: A Quick Fix?

XKCD and Kim Tinkham

So, I have talked about the Kim Tinkham issue in some passing references on this blog, and I think that her unfortunate demise stands as a monument against tinkering with non-scientific woo-s to help with potentially fatal situations. The author of the much revered nerdcomic XKCD was recently faced with illness in his own family, … Continue reading XKCD and Kim Tinkham

BMJ: Busting Myths Journal

I have already admitted how enamored I am with the Christmas edition of the BMJ in an earlier post. And the reasons for loving BMJ in the waning month of each year just keeps on increasing. Somehow, they have managed to take the seriousness out of medical research. Quiet like the Annals of Improbable Science, … Continue reading BMJ: Busting Myths Journal

WAD 2010: A Short History of the World AIDS Day

As a part of my campaign to spread more awareness regarding issues related to HIV/AIDS this month, I am going to write blog posts, create slideshow presentations and upload videos of the presentations I do for people to see. In a 10 episode series, I plan to capture the various aspects of HIV, AIDS and … Continue reading WAD 2010: A Short History of the World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day: A Short History

On the eve of one of the most popular days in the medical calendar, the World AIDS Day, let me dwell on a short history of this day. Celebrated on 1st December every year, the World AIDS Day is dedicated to raising awareness, funding and acceptance of HIV/AIDS and the 35 million people worldwide living … Continue reading World AIDS Day: A Short History